Queens student suspended for pricking classmates with needle

A Queens middle school student was suspended after pricking her classmates with a needle, officials said Tuesday.

The 12-year-old reportedly grabbed a lancet used to check the insulin levels of a diabetic classmate at IS 238 in Hollis on February 7 and stuck it into ten classmates — some of them more than once.

Several of the victims were taken to a local hospital for testing.

“This was a serious incident and the school called EMS and notified families involved,” said DOE spokeswoman Miranda Barbot. “We are continuing to support these families and took appropriate disciplinary action.”

According to NY1, the mother of one of the victims said school officials failed to issue a school-wide notification of the incident and attempted to minimize it.

The mother was told that she had the option of transferring her child out of the school to avoid further contact with the offending student.

“Why should my child be transferred?” the mother told NY1. “Let her be transferred, she caused the problem.”

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