Quick-thinking driver plucks child out of the path of fast-moving cars

Quick-thinking driver spots a toddler walking ALONE on the side of a road, then plucks the child to safety as it chases its ball into the path of fast-moving cars

  • Dashcam footage captures a motorist travel near Laurel Glen Park in California
  • Toddler appears to have chased his ball out of a nearby children’s play park
  • Motorist stops to rescue the child after it runs into the middle of the busy road

A quick-thinking driver plucked a toddler to safety after the child chased a ball into the path of fast-moving cars. 

A dashcam clip captures the motorist as he spots a child sitting alone on the pavement near to Laurel Glen Park in Tustin, California.

He slows his car to a stop as the toddler runs up the road to retrieve a lost ball.

A dashcam clip, filmed near Laurel Glen Park in California, captures a motorist as he approaches a toddler in the middle of the road

The driver then exits his vehicle and approaches the child – who bounces the ball into the centre of the road and chases after it. 

But the man wastes no time in running after the toddler, and throws his hand out to signal ‘stop’ to fast-approaching cars before picking the child up.

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The pair then cross the road to retrieve the lost ball.  

A man who appears to be the child’s guardian appears from the park as the toddler is carried to safety.

He dashes towards the toddler, picks it up, and waves goodbye to the rescuer. 

The toddler, who was alone at the time, runs into the path of oncoming traffic when chasing a ball

The motorist plucks the child out of harm’s way as a man, who appears to be the child’s guardian, approaches the pair

The video, posted to YouTube on Saturday, currently has more than 40,000 views.

Hazel Woodward commented: ‘Wowzers, you saved that little kid’s life. Well done.’

Another viewer said: ‘You Sir are what all people should be like. 

‘May karma return your care and kindness to you a thousand times over!’

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