Raccoon mum and five babies fall through man’s ceiling and cause absolute havoc

These were the comical scenes after a family of raccoons fell through a man’s ceiling and caused absolute havoc.

The mother had been nesting in the attic after getting in through an arch above the porch in Sheridan Township, Michigan, authorities said.

Suddenly, the weight of the family, including five babies, caused a portion of the man’s living room ceiling to give way and they fell onto his sofa.

Firefighters and public safety officers responded to the scene and did their best to round up the family.

The cute kits were small enough to be picked up and put into a plastic tub, the Jackson Citizen Patriot reports.

But their mother was apparently quite angry at having been disturbed.

Video shared by the Albion Department of Public Safety shows her racing away from a firefighter after having bitten him on the glove.

"Game on," the firefighter responded.

The angry raccoon was eventually apprehended using a dog-catcher pole.

All five were unharmed and safely released into the wild, police said.

The firefighter was not injured either although he was checked over for rabies.

Albion Department of Public Safety shared footage of the battle with the caption: "What do you do when you’re sitting in your living room and a raccoon and her 5 babies suddenly fall through the ceiling onto your couch?"

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