Race to the finish for little ones at Goodwood

Race to the finish for little ones at Goodwood as they compete against each other in pedal cars 

It’s a race to the finish for the little ones at Glorious Goodwood as they compete against each other in pedal cars costing anything up to £5,000

  • Proud parents lined the track, cameras at the ready, as youngsters raced Austin J40 pedal cars to the finish
  • Clad in vintage caps and protective overalls, they were taking part in the popular Settrington Cup event
  • The aim of the race is to ‘make sure all the wheels are pointing in the right direction,’ according to Goodwood 

Pint-sized drivers dressed in tan or white protective overalls put the pedal to the metal today as they tried to emulate the likes of F1 hero Lewis Hamilton at the annual Goodwood Revival Festival.

As proud parents lined the track, cameras at the ready, their keen youngsters had to run to their miniature vehicles, before leaping in and pedalling furiously along the West Sussex track.  

Clad in vintage caps, the youngsters took part in the Settrington Cup – a pedal car race where the aim is to ‘make sure all the wheels are pointing in the right direction’, according to Goodwood’s website.

The event has become a firm Revival favourite over the years, with some parents spending hundreds – or, for the ultra-competitive, thousands – of pounds on buying or sprucing up Austin J40 pedal cars.

The annual Goodwood Revival has seen fans of vintage cars and vintage dress descend on the historic West Sussex race track for a weekend of nostalgia.

A three-day festival, it celebrates the halcyon days of motor racing with the accompanying glamour of 1940s, ’50s and ’60s.

Children racing in The Settrington Cup at the 20th Goodwood Revival Festival. The race is open to Austin J40 cars built between 1/1/1947 and 31/12/1960 and Austin J40 cars built between 1/1/1961 and 31/12/1965

Looking chilled out behind the wheel, this driver took part in today’s Settrington Cup at the three-day festival in West Sussex

Of all the wonderful races in store at this year’s Goodwood Revival, one stands out as being the most likely to produce a close finish, and that’s the Settrington Cup

The beloved pedal car was made in the Austin Junior Car factory in South Wales, a government backed project to bring employment to disabled coal miners. Above, a driver gives the vehicle one last polish

Children racing in the Settrington Cup at the 20th Goodwood Revival, a three-day festival which has been held each September at Goodwood Circuit since 1998 

Always a wise move to check under the bonnet: this youngster prepares his car for the big race at Goodwood

The smile that says it all – the young drivers thoroughly enjoyed taking centre stage at the race, while the crowd cheered them on

The cars themselves were all built at the Austin Junior Car Factory in Bargoed, South Wales, and come ready-to-race, although careful setting-up of the wheel bearings and tyres is advisable if you want your J40 to run as smooth as possible on the day, according to Goodwood

Helping hand: The race is run from just after the chicane to the finish line, with a temporary chicane installed along the straight, and it always serves as a charming and popular way to break-up the noise and commotion of the regular racing programme

Competitors are pictured above, just before they race to their pedal cars, leap in and pedal furiously to the finish-line

With determined looks on their faces, the children weave through a chicane on the track, as parents rush to keep up with them

A huge crowd can be seen cheering on the pint-sized racing drivers, as the children had to pedal and swerve around other vehicles



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