Ranting landlord compares himself to Taliban and tenants to Afghan people

A "nonsense" message in a landlord forum appears to compare the Taliban to people looking to sell property, while those renting are compared to the Afghan people under the extremist group's regime.

The bizarre comparison was noticed in a landlord forum online, and shared to Twitter by Acorn, a housing union.

Their official page tweeted a screengrab of the message, with the caption: "Absolutely nothing on earth compares to the sheer level of nonsense you can find on landlord forums."

The cryptic message on the forum appeared to be about one landlord's frustration at wanting to sell their house which was made difficult by the fact that his current rental tenants couldn't move out to free it up.

In the message, the rambling landlord, who inadvertently compared themselves to a terrorist group, wrote: "U hurt the Taliban finances, u end up hurting the Afghan people.

"U hurt the Landlords finances, u end up hurting the tenant.

"I'm moaning cause I can't sell anymore as me tenants can no longer move by choice & free me a house up to sell [sic]."

The post from Acorn left a few eyebrows raised, as nobody could seem to decipher what the landlord was trying to say.

"Excuse my ignorance, but can somebody please translate for me from Landlord? I have no idea what this person is trying to say here," one person tweeted in response.

Acorn responded: "Your guess is as good as ours frankly!"

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"Most intelligent landlord," added another Twitter user.

The Taliban is currently tightening its grip on Afghanistan. World powers like the US, UK and Germany have removed their troops from the country, leaving it to be ruled by the group who take a hardline view on Sharia Law, imposing it on people with often brutal consequences.

There doesn't appear to be any discernable link between the fortunes of lay Afghans under the terrorist group to that of UK-based landlords being unable to sell one of several properties because tenants can't move.

The landlord didn't specify why his renters couldn't move but it may be because of a ban on evicting during the pandemic.

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The government introduced an eviction ban to give tenants more security and certainty. The ban on bailiff-enforced evictions, introduced as an emergency measure during lockdown, ended on 31 May.

Research by Simply Business, from a pool of 500 landlords, found that 21% said the ban on evictions shouldn’t have been introduced at all.

It also found that 19% said that while they understood the need for an eviction ban, it should have been shorter and 18% said that the eviction ban stopped them from evicting problem tenants during the pandemic.

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