Rapist jailed for 14 years after attacking drunken woman

Rapist, 27, is jailed for 14 years after attacking drunken woman and leaving her unconscious and bleeding in an alleyway

  • Mantvydas Daubaras picked up a woman after she was separated from friends
  • Victim was found later that morning by friends unconscious in a Hull alleyway 
  • Daubaras was identified from DNA on her underwear following an examination 
  • He will serve at least half a 14-year sentence before he is deported to Lithuania

A rapist who forced himself on a drunken woman in an alleyway after she was separated from her friends has been jailed for 14 years. 

Mantvydas Daubaras, 27, picked up his victim in a car as she was trying to flag down a taxi in the streets of Hull following a night out in the early hours of June 2017.

His intoxicated victim was found unconscious by friends propped up against a fence in an alleyway later that morning, but she did not realise she had been raped, and could not remember much of the night.

She noticed blood on her shorts the next morning and attended a police station for a medical examination, which showed she had suffered ‘very uncommon injuries’. 

Daubaras, who was identified by DNA taken from the victim’s underwear, had maintained that he thought his victim was a prostitute after handing her £20 to perform a sex act on him, but a Hull Crown Court jury found him guilty after a six-day trial. 

He showed no emotion as he was sentenced to 14 years in jail, which he will serve at least half of before he is deported back to Lithuania. 

Mantvydas Daubaras showed no emotion as he was sentenced to 14 years in jail , which he will serve at least half of before he is deported back to Lithuania

The court heard he had a previous conviction for possession of a bladed weapon in August 13, 2019, and multiple convictions back in his home country.

Addressing Daubaras, of east Hull, Judge Mark Bury said: ‘[The victim] says that you and a friend picked her up in a car near to The Alelphi and you claim that you thought she was a prostitute, but there was no evidence of that and [the victim] is most certainly not a prostitute.

‘She looked like what she was – a student. You claim you said to her ”you want business?” and she got in the car but then changed her mind and dropped her off where you picked her up but there is no evidence of that.

‘She was not capable of making rational decisions and had been affected by drink. You decided you would have sexual intercourse with her even though she had no capacity to consent or any way to resist.

‘You took [the victim] in to a dark alley… and raped her.

‘You then left her and it was not until over an hour later than her friends found her slumped against a fence and they then took her in and she realised that something had happened to her.’

Later that morning when the victim felt uncomfortable and sore, believing she had been raped and reported it to the police.

‘It must have been horrifying for a young woman to have been raped and have no idea of the circumstances,’ the judge said. 

Daubaras, pictured in 2010, had been ‘circling the town’ in a car with a friend ‘to entertain themselves’ before the horrific attack, jurors were told

Daubaras had been ‘circling the town’ in a car with a friend ‘to entertain themselves’ before the horrific attack, jurors were told. 

The court heard the woman had become dependent on alcohol, suffered from nightmares, was sexually abstinent for more than two years and had attempted suicide following the incident. 

She had given evidence in court, looking at Daubaras in the face as she told of how the rape had impacted her. 

Daubaras looked at the floor behind the glass screen in the dock.

‘[The victim] wanted to see for herself who raped her and I hope it will help in her healing,’ the judge said. ‘You show no remorse and deny it still and complain that you have been held in custody whilst your wife and baby are back home in Lithuania.’ 

A Hull Crown Court (pictured) jury found Daubaras guilty following a six-day trial

The woman said she remembered looking for a taxi to get home and had become separated from her friend. CCTV footage also showed her getting on a bus, and then off it almost straight away.

Daubaras claimed he thought the woman was a prostitute and was ‘bored and looking for adventure.’  

The court heard that Daubaras’ DNA was found on the woman’s underwear and she could not tolerate much of the medical examination due to pain.

An expert report said the woman had sustained ‘significant injuries’ to her intimate area, and one expert said that they were ‘very uncommon injuries’.

She said that in around 1,500 examinations, they had only seen ‘a couple’ of the type.

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