RCMP officer fires weapon during police chase just outside Winnipeg

Mounties say an officer fired his gun during a police chase on the outskirts of Winnipeg Monday.

Police were called around 12:45 p.m. after an armed man began threatening violence at a home in West St. Paul.

The man, who police describe as distraught, had fled the home in a vehicle by the time RCMP were called.

Responding officers caught up with the suspect and his vehicle near the Perimeter Highway and Pipeline Road, but were forced to take chase when they say he refused to stop and pull over.

The officer shot his weapon, hitting the suspect’s vehicle, when the man came to a brief stop and took off again near King Edward Street and the Perimeter, police say.

RCMP say no one was injured and the man was arrested after eventually coming to stop.

They say firearms and ammunition were found in the man’s vehicle.

Charges are pending against a 29-year-old man and RCMP continue to investigate.

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