Remainer snowflakes admit they DON'T want England to win the World Cup – because it will make Brexiteers happy

Lefties have complained that if football does come home it will "unleash a wave of Brexit-tinged jingoism" across the country.

Many are even cheering on England's opponents in the knock-out stages of the World Cup.

Anti-Brexit campaigner Simon Bruni wrote on Twitter: "This won't make me popular but I can't help thinking that the last thing we need right now is for England to win the World Cup and whip the country up into a swollen-headed flag-waving nationalist fervour."

Poet Bridget Minamore added: "Can you IMAGINE how terrible the Brexit lot will be if England win a World Cup?"

And writer Damien Owens said: "I don’t want England to win the World Cup because I couldn’t deal with the articles claiming it meant Brexit is a good idea."

The left-wing New Statesman magazine yesterday published an article with the headline "I hope England lose tonight".

Some pro-EU web users suggested Vladimir Putin was supporting England's bid for World Cup glory because he wants to promote Brexit.

Cartoonist Martin Rowson commented: "Konspiracy Korner: How about this? Brexit is central to Putin's strategy for neutralising EU; it's not going too well, as he left it in the hands of crooks, cranks & idiots.

"But what might clinch it? England winning the World Cup!"

Author Tracey Sinclair said: "So my Unpopular Opinion that the World Cup is a huge PR coup for Putin that we should be worried about now joined by fear that England doing well will unleash a wave of Brexit-tinged jingoism that will do more long-term harm than good to the UK."

But others have celebrated the way the success of Harry Kane's team has united the country – regardless of political beliefs.

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