Remote-controlled humanoid robot developed by scientists in AI game-changer

Scientists have developed a two-legged robot that paves the way for humanoid rescue machines.

Engineers at MIT and University of Illinois have released footage of the game-changing prototype.

It shows a method that allows humans to remotely control and balance the robot.

It is hoped this will allow soldiers to save people in harsh environments including burning buildings and other places inaccessible to humans.

MIT said: "(It is) an essential step toward enabling a humanoid to carry out high-impact tasks in challenging environments."

In the footage, the robot is controlled by a person wearing a vest.

The robot's actions mirror the person's as he transmits commands to the two-legged machine.

In dangerous situations, this will allow humans to navigate the challenging terrain.

Dr Joao Ramos said: "It's like running with a heavy backpack – you can feel how the dynamics of the backpack move around you, and you can compensate properly.

"Now if you want to open a heavy door, the human can command the robot to throw its body at the door and push it open, without losing balance."

The technology is described as a "balance feedback" approach, reports Sky News.

In the footage humans were successfully able to keep the robot balance as it jumped and walked.

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