Removal men dump truck full of rubbish over customer's drive as 'revenge' ONE DAY after accusing her of failing to pay

FURIOUS waste removal men filmed themselves dumping a truckload of rubbish over a customer's driveway – just a DAY after accusing her of failing to pay up.

Jonathan Morgan, 31, and his brother Calum, 27, took revenge after claiming the Cardiff woman failed to give them cash quickly enough.

The brothers, who run Cardiff Waste Removal & House Clearance, spent two hours clearing out a bed frame, mattresses and doors before loading it onto their lorry.

After carrying out the job on July 20, they asked for £120.

However, after accusing her of failing to pay by the following day, they returned to the house and tipped the items all over the driveway.

Relatives of the customer have since called the brothers and asked for them to take the rubbish away.

But the pair have refused, and say they won't be returning to the house.

Jonathan and Calum filmed themselves reversing their flatbed truck up to her front door and dumping the waste across her doorstep and driveway.

More than 40,000 people have now watched the video on social media.

Jonathan and Calum say they were offered the cash after they tipped the rubbish over the woman's property.

"We quoted her £120," Jonathan said.

"Normally it would have been a £200 job.

"She seemed like a really nice lady and explained she didn't have too much money so we said we'd do it for just above cost price.

"We weren't making a huge amount on the job, just wanted to help her out.

"We were really busy with other work but squeezed her in as she made out she was desperate to get the stuff shifted.

"One of her relatives has phoned us and said, 'We've got the money now, can you take waste away if we pay up front?'

"We've said we're not interested in the job anymore. We don't want to go back to the property."

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