Reporter warns congressman not to lie about 2017 attack

Helena, Montana: An attorney for a reporter assaulted by US Representative Greg Gianforte has sent a cease-and-desist letter warning the Montana Republican not to lie about the attack as he campaigns for re-election.

Thursday's letter from Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs' attorney, Geoffrey Genth, threatens to cancel an agreement not to sue Gianforte if the congressman misleads voters about the assault or their settlement.

Congressman Greg Gianforte assaulted a Guardian reporter.

Congressman Greg Gianforte assaulted a Guardian reporter.Credit:AP

Gianforte spokesman Travis Hall didn't immediately respond to emails for comment about the letter, first reported by Politico.

Gianforte pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault last year after throwing Jacobs to the ground when the reporter tried to ask him a question.

Gianforte is now seeking re-election against Democrat Kathleen Williams.

Genth says Gianforte is trying to mislead the media and voters about the attack and the agreement in the final weeks before the election.


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