Reporter’s horror as biker fleeing police is killed in front of her on live TV

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The shocking death of a motorcyclist was inadvertently broadcast live on television in the US when his high-speed escape from police was being covered on a news channel.

On Thursday, a news chopper from KCBS-TV in Los Angeles was broadcasting live footage of the suspect's 130mph escape from a traffic stop when he collided head-on with a car.

"Oh my gosh" a news anchor said, as the rider crashed. "We have just seen – sorry, we just saw that motorcycle crash into a car there at the intersection."

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the motorcycle was reported stolen and police were "tracking" it after the rider fled from a stop.

Officers were not involved in a pursuit, the LAPD claimed.

LAPD Captain Andy Neiman said: "It's a very sad day here. Just another example of how reckless driving – regardless of who it is – causes death.

"There were some statements made that we were in pursuit of this motorcycle. I just want to make it very clear, at no time were we in pursuit."

Nieman said that something unusual about the rider or motorcycle made undercover officers suspicious.

When officers ran the bike's plates the vehicle came back as stolen. He said that when the officers tried to pull the motorcycle over in a parking lot, the rider fled.

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KCBS said their footage confirmed that the motorcycle approached 130mph.

The motorcyclist's identity was not immediately available from the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office.

Many police departments have policies discouraging pursuits of motorcycles because of the danger it poses to the rider and others.

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