Rich Kid of Instagram heiress flips the bird outside court as she faces jail for importing and selling python-skin fashionwear

Multimillionaire heiress Stephanie Scolaro was snapped flipping the bird outside court today after admitting she ordered snake-skin baseball caps and travel bags from Indonesia to sell in the UK.

The 26-year-old, who lives in a luxury central London flat, regularly flaunts her riches on Instagram posting pictures of high-end designer clothes and supercars for her 80,000 followers.

She and her sister Lana starred in the Channel 4 reality TV show Rich Kids Of Instagram after showing off their jet-set lifestyles on social media.

Dressed in plain black and a white shirt with her hair tied back, swimwear model Scolaro cut a different look as she arrived at court in London today.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of importing goods with the intent to evade a prohibition, two counts of keeping for sale a species acquired unlawfully and one count of selling a species unlawfully imported between 2016 and 2017.

The court heard Scolaro advertised the smuggled goods on her fashion website SS Python.

She is also said to have kept python specimens in her luxury Marylebone apartment and a Mayfair boutique.

Scolaro, who became visibly upset after pleading guilty, was released on bail and is likely be sentenced later today.

She faces unlimited fines and a jail sentence of up to seven years.

Today a judge who will sentence the 26-year-old influencer said he took a "very dim view" of the wildlife crimes, adding it was like trading in ivory from elephants and rhinos.

There were 35 illegal snake-skin goods which included baseball caps, large hold-all bags and smaller bags.

But she caught when German customs intercepted 10 caps and a large and small bag as they were air freighted from Indonesia to the UK.

Prosecutor Gregor McKinley said the value of the large bags came to £17,815 – they were delivered alongside documents purporting to be export permits.

Today Scolaro pleaded guilty to illegally importing the products

He said: "Both of these documents have been checked and both are forgeries."

"The maximum penalties on the regulatory offences is five years on each of these offences.

"And the customs and excise management offence is a maximum of seven years."

Judge Michael Gledhill said: "I still take a very dim view of this.

"We're talking about the same category of offending that members of the public will be more readily aware of.

"It's includes ivory from elephants and Rhinos."

Lana, who designs diamond jewellery, once claimed she spent £15,000 a month on clothes and shoes.

She told the Mail in 2016: "I think the first time I was really aware that we were rich was in my early teens.

"We were taking a private jet to Monaco and eating sushi from Nobu and something told me that regular kids didn’t do that."


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