Robots churn out meals for coronavirus medical workers

This really is fast food.

Robots have been whipping out 36 meals every 15 minutes to feed Chinese medical workers on the front line of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, according to a report.

Qianxi Robotic Catering developed the culinary contraptions and donated them to the epicenter city, where overworked workers have little time — and few options — to chow down, the UK’s Mirror reported.

The company said the pink mechanical hash slingers at each vending station can feed at least 120 diners each hour — 24 hours a day — and do so very hygienically.

“This system solves the problem of medical workers getting only irregular meals by offering them food at any time of the day,” said Qiu Mi, general manager of Qianxi Robotic Catering, a subsidiary of Chinese real estate colossus Country Garden.

“As the catering robots are fully automated and the food production process no human contact, it also lowers the risk of infection,” he added.


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