Roger Stone Predicts He Will Be Indicted Next In Russia Investigation

According to The Guardian, longtime Donald Trump associate Roger Stone believes that he will be the next person to be indicted in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

“Robert Mueller is coming for me,” Stone claimed in an email sent out to his supporters on Sunday, asking them to donate to his legal defense fund. In the email, Stone insisted that his name was the next on Mueller’s “hit list” and that is specifically being targeted because of the “deep state,” a political conspiracy theory.

“I’m next on the crooked special prosecutor’s hit list because I’ve advised Donald Trump for the past 39 years,” Stone continued. “I am being targeted not because I committed a crime, but because the ‘deep state; liberals want to silence me and pressure me to testify against my good friend President Donald J. Trump.”

Stone’s email comes just a week after former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted of tax fraud and bank fraud and the President’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen pled guilty to campaign finance violations.

In a brief text message on Monday, Stone told The Guardian that he believes Mueller is trying to frame him in order to use him to get to President Trump. “[Mueller] may frame me for some bogus charge in order to silence me or induce me to testify against the president,” Stone said.

Stone, however, has built a reputation on being controversial, ever since his campaign strategies to re-elect Richard Nixon in 1972. In addition to being Manafort’s former business partner, Stone also corresponded with Guccifer 2.0, a hacker who Mueller believes was simply a front for Russian operatives to steal and leak email from high-ranking Democratic officials during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Mueller is also currently interviewing and investigating the people closest to Stone, like Sam Nunberg, Andrew Miller, and the “Manhattan Madam” Kristin Davis, who used to run a prostitution ring in New York City.

In early August, Nunberg told reporters that he believes Stone will most likely be indicted on “some broad charge that he was part of a conspiracy to defraud America,” and various financial violations, which Mueller is also reportedly looking into.

Miller, on the other hand, is currently being held in contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena from Mueller and his team. Miller has altogether refused to cooperate with investigators, insisting that Mueller’s appointment to special counsel is unconstitutional.

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