Roping in marine debris in the Bay of Fundy, and beyond

Jackie Walker says a project she’s been working on has kept 12,000 pounds of rope out of the Bay of Fundy.

Walker is the outreach co-ordinator at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.

In March 2018, she launched a recycling program for the plastic-based ropes often used in the fishing industry.

“We started the project with these big four-foot-by-four metal bins,” Walker says.

“They go out on the wharves and we put four of them out at four different harbours — Grand Manan, Deer Island, Dipper Harbour and Beaver Harbour — to try to see what would happen…”

“It turned out that it worked.”

The program which started as a one-year pilot is now approaching the two-year mark and still growing.

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