Royal baby web sleuths claim Royal website hints Prince ALBERT is baby name… but is it a red herring?

Royal watchers claimed a web page had been reserved for a 'Prince Albert' as the world waits for William and Kate to announce the name.

But it seems the cocky internet sleuths may have driven themselves a up a dead end in the desperate hunt for answers.

They claim the page at reads Access Denied – the same message that greets visitors trying to visit that page or those of the newborn's siblings.

But it appears the 'Access denied' message only appears when a user is searching for a member of the Royal family who already exists on the website.

For example, when a name – such as Elizabeth, George or Albert – is already the name of a Royal, dead or alive, then the number 0 is put after their name in the search bar.

This brings up the biography page for the already existing Royal.

After the 'discovery', some amused Twitter users took to the site to complain that Prince Albert couldn't possibly be the baby's name – because it refers to something else entirely.

Others begged the Palace not to call the baby Albert, citing the naughtier connotations of the name.

Ann tweeted "Oh please not Prince Albert, because surely can't subject him to being called a man's pierced whatnot."

Luckily their fears could be unfounded, because a different message comes up if you search for a Royal who has never existed on the Royal website, such as Prince Alexander – simply saying 'Page not found.'

Similarly, anyone searching for a Prince Arthur – currently one of the bookies top choices for the new prince's name – will receive the same message.

Yesterday Prince William was overheard  discussing his new son's name, telling the Australian High Commissioner Alexander Downer that Alexander is a "strong name."

Asked how mother and baby is, he replied their new son is "behaving himself which is good news."

The prince attended a community centre this evening with Prince Harry, after being made best man at next month's Royal Wedding – and William was quick to take the opportunity to joke that he'll be getting his revenge on his brother.

He said: "Revenge is sweet.

Kensington Palace today announced that Prince Harry asked William to stand by his side when he marries Meghan Markle at St. George's Chapel in Windsor.

They tweeted: "The Duke of Cambridge is honoured to have bee asked and is very much looking forward to supporting his brother."

Meghan Markle did not attend today's event because she is busy making the final preparations for here much anticipated wedding.

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