Royal Wedding: All Of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Adorable Looks of Love — See Pics

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle looked so in love on their wedding day! Check out all their sweet kisses & tender moments they’ve shared during today’s celebrations!

The Royal Wedding was a complete and utter success! Not only did the day go off without a hitch, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle proved once again they were the perfect couple. In fact, Meghan looked so flawless that when she showed up in front of Prince Harry, he remarked, “You look amazing.” And from there, the two shared so many PDA moments that they’ll never forget — from their first kiss to snuggling up together in the carriage whisking them away to Windsor Castle. We can’t even imagine how these two will tear it up on the dance floor at the reception!

But the sweet and touching moments didn’t stop there. Prince Harry was caught sweetly caressing her hand during the ceremony, and honestly, the two of them stared so deep into each other’s eyes, it seemed like it didn’t matter that there were billions of people watching. We thought today would be wedding goals, but it even surpassed our wildest expectations. Check out all of their most romantic moments during the Royal Wedding in our gallery above.

Prince Harry also had an adorable moment when he had trouble getting the ring on Meghan’s finger — hey, it happens. Although he clearly didn’t let it affect him, because he made light of the moment by giving Meghan a playful wink. Check out the charm on this guy, huh?!

While the two were entering the gates of Windsor Castle for the reception, Meghan was caught on camera dropping the F-bomb. Although, to be fair, who wouldn’t be cursing out loud if their wedding reception went down in probably the most famous castle in the world?

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