Russia threatens UK military targets in chilling warning over Ukraine

Russian officials have warned it could target military sites in the UK because of British support for Ukraine more than two months after Russia first invaded.

The Kremlin also warned that it could hit British diplomats returning to Kyiv after a defence minister's "provocative" talk of bombing Russia.

Russian foreign secretary spokeswoman Maria Zakharova suggested that strikes could be authorised against NATO states who provide arms to Ukraine, delivering a stern warning after the UK backed Ukrainian strikes on Russia.

Zakharova released a statement naming Britain as one of the countries enabling the Ukrainian military after Britain's Armed Forces minister James Heappey said the UK backed Ukraine's air strikes on Russian infrastructure.

Zakharova said: "Do we understand correctly that for the sake of disrupting the logistics of military supplies, Russia can strike military targets on the territory of those NATO countries that supply arms to the Kyiv regime?

"After all, this directly leads to deaths and bloodshed on Ukrainian territory. As far as I understand, Britain is one of those countries."

Although no British weapons are reportedly currently being used during these attacks, Mr Heappey said it would be "completely legitimate" for the weapons to be used in such attacks.

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He added that Britain would restart the training of Ukrainian troops if the conflict became "frozen" in the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions, with his remarks infuriating Kremlin officials.

Speaking to Times Radio, Mr Heappey also said: "I think it is certainly the case that things [weapons] that the international community are now providing to Ukraine have the range to be used over the borders. But that's not necessarily a problem."

The defence ministry in Russia accused Mr Heappey of "provocation" while one British MP worried that the remarks could have the "potential to invite retaliatory attacks on Poland".

Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the defence select committee, warned that Russia could hit western targets digitally and that the West was becoming "increasingly involved in a proxy war", Daily Mail reports.

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