Russian kindergarten children adorned with Putin’s propaganda symbol in eerie parade

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Chilling footage shows the moment Russian kindergarten children are paraded and cheered on after being dressed up as tanks adorned with the letter ‘Z’. Videos shared on Telegram showed a school in Astrakhan in southern Russia carrying out a mock Victory Day Parade. This comes ahead of a huge Victory Day parade set to be held tomorrow in Moscow’s Red Square.

The kindergarten’s parade, in which dozens of children took part, was led by a child dressed up as a tank adorned with the Z-symbol

Vladimir Putin has used the letter Z as a key propaganda symbol in Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Several Russian tanks fighting in Ukraine have the Z-symbol painted on them.

The rest of the parade is typical Victory Day uniforms, commemorating the 1945 surrender of Nazi Germany in World War Two.

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The other children are dressed in Second World War-era military uniforms, such as fighter pilot costumes as well as nursing outfits

Viewers online were stunned by the inclusion of the ‘Z’ symbol in the kindergarten parade.

Belarusian news agency Nexta simply tweeted: “How #VictoryDay is celebrated in a kindergarten in Russia.”

Voice of America News journalist Fatima Tlis tweeted: “I have often been asked why people in Russia are so blind to the truth and so susceptible to the government propaganda, my response is that it is not just propaganda.

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“It’s an indoctrination that starts from the kindergarten. Here is an example from one of the North Caucasus regions.”

A Ukrainian anti-corruption activist Yulia Marushevska responded: “Imitation of the Victory Day parade in Russia – annual celebration of the defeat of fascism, held on May 9.

“Instead of grieving over the WW2 tragedy, Russian children proudly drive toy tanks with Z sign on them.”


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It is thought that President Putin could use tomorrow’s Victory Parade to officially declare war on Ukraine and undertake a mass mobilisation.

Other analysts claim the Russian leader could simply announce a smaller victory in cities such as Mariupol.

As part of the parade, Russia’s so-called “doomsday plane” designed to protect President Putin in the event of a nuclear attack will make its first appearance in a decade.

On Sunday, the Russian leader made an explicit link between the 1945 victory over Nazi Germany and Russia’s war in Ukraine.

He told a group of former Soviet nations: “Today, our soldiers, like their ancestors, are fighting side-by-side to rid their native land of the Nazi filth. As in 1945, victory will be ours.”

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