Russian paratroopers abandoned by ‘drunken’ artillery officers

Ukraine: Warehouses on fire in Kherson region

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Russian army units are engaged in fierce battles on the Kherson front, as they seek to repel Ukraine’s counterattack. Kyiv’s forces have made some early progress and have already succeeded in breaking through Russians defence lines in several places. Over the weekend, they maintained their forward momentum, as they liberated more villages and towns in the Kherson province.

Ukraine’s leaders are determined to retake Kherson city, which fell to Moscow early in the war.

The port city is located on the Black Sea and Dnipro River and is of vital importance strategically.

Its capture would not only be a significant morale boost, but would also provide a launch pad to retake the Crimea.

Russia’s commanders have deployed some of their most experienced and professional units to the region in a bid to foil Kyiv’s plans for reconquest.

Among those units are Russian Paratroopers, revered and feared in equal measure for their combat skills.

A detachment of paratroopers found itself recently under heavy fire during a battle near the Inhulets River.

As the situation became ever more desperate, they radioed in for artillery support.

However, their calls went unheeded, as they were left to their fates by ‘drunken’ artillery officers.

WarMonitor, an analyst who regularly comments on military events in Ukraine, tweeted: “Russian artillery teams near the Inhulets frontline reportedly did not respond to desperate calls from Russian Paratroopers and failed to provide any fire support for hours.

“Russian sources complain about them being ‘Drunken’ which would not surprise me at all.”

He added: “Russian ‘elite’ paratrooper units are being forced into the heaviest fighting in Kherson region.

“It seems the Russian elite units will be non existent after this war….

“This is largely due to the normal infantry being so incompetent that elite units are put in frontal assaults.”

Ukrainian officials have tried to dampen down expectations of a rapid victory, and have urged the nation to prepare itself for a drawn out “bloody” battle.

That message was echoed by a military analyst from the Baltic Security Foundation, who warned that Kyiv’s counteroffensive was far from being a nailed on certainty.

Glen Grant told that despite poor morale among Russian frontline forces, they were still putting up “stiff resistance” in the Kherson region.

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He said: “The Russian morale is poor as they have a shortage of food, equipment and in many cases they have not been properly paid.

“But they are still fighting hard and putting up a stiff resistance.

“They appear to be better led than the troops in the first months.

“They are either learning or the best fighters have been promoted into senior positions.”

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