Russian streets ‘like bomb sites’ as Redditors say ‘no wonder they went to war’

Reddit users have been left in shock over images of Russian streets left in disrepair as they claim it is 'no wonder' troops left their homes behind to go to war in Ukraine.

The images shared to the subreddit r/googlemapsshennanigans shocked forum users as they show abandoned streets in Russia filled with rubbish, unpaved and covered in dirt.

The original poster said: "This site shows street views from hometowns of random Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine. No wonder they are surprised Ukrainian villages are paved."

Reddit users shared in the shock at the disrepair in the images but some branded the collection anti-Russian propaganda.

One user said: "Reminds me of my hometown, which is in the US. Poverty sucks."

Another added: "cough PROPAGANDA cough."

A third said: "This is pretty fascinating. For more than a few reasons."

The news comes after reports emerged that Russian troops are said to be abandoning the Chernobyl nuclear site and walking into Belarus in what the US military sources have called a "major climbdown".

The site of the 1986 nuclear disaster in Ukraine was captured shortly after Russian troops invaded and heavy fire around the plant sparked fears of another catastrophe.

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But now, Pentagon sources have claimed that Vladimir Putin's troops are "walking away" from the Chernobyl facility and heading towards Belarus.

An official said: "Chernobyl is [an] area where they [the Russians] are beginning to reposition some of their troops."

They added that the Russians are "leaving, walking away from the Chernobyl facility and moving into Belarus" but can't confirm that all troops have left the area.

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