Russian TV ‘Photoshops a smile’ onto stern Kim Jong-un’s face

Cheer-un up Kim: Russian TV ‘Photoshops a smile’ onto stern North Korean dictator’s face during meeting with Russian Foreign Minister

  • The North Korean leader was pictured grinning in a meeting with Sergei Lavrov 
  • ‘Real’ pictures of the summit with Mr Lavrov show him looking stone-faced
  • The segment was broadcast on state-sponsored pro-Putin network Russia 1 

Russian broadcasters have been accused of Photoshopping a smile onto Kim Jong-un in a recent broadcast of his meeting with Sergei Lavrov. 

In a clip, shown on Russian state TV, the tyrant can be seen beaming with a wide grin. 

But pictures from the same event show him stone-faced throughout while shaking the Russian Foreign Minister’s hand.    

The dictator met with Mr Lavrov in Pyongyang on Thursday, just weeks before a planned meeting between the US and the North Korean regime.

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The North Korean leader could be seen grinning in a segment filmed for state-sponsored channel Russia 1

Real photos of the same moment showed Kim looking stone-faced as he shook the Foreign Minister’s hand

Although Kim and Lavrov were pictures laughing and joking with one another at times – when shaking hands the North Korean dictator appeared stern

Although Kim did crack a smile during other parts of the meeting, the photos and footage of the moment he posed for the cameras during a handshake with Lavrov show him looking stern.

But a segment about the meeting during the programme ‘News of the Week’ on pro-Putin TV station Russia 1 featured a still of Kim smiling alongside Lavrov.

A photo of the same moment published on the official Twitter of the Russian Foreign Ministry also shows Kim being grim.

Bloomberg Moscow deputy bureau chief Scott Rose tweeted: ‘Russian state TV, rising to the occasion, photoshopped a smile onto North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at his meeting with Lavrov.’

Russia 1 has been contacted for a comment.

The host of the show is Dmitry Kiselyov, who has been called a Putin propagandist and claims the US is in league with terror group ISIS.

Lavrov became the first top-ranking Russian to meet with the current head of North Korea.

Lavrov reportedly invited Kim Jong-un to Russia. In return Kim thanked him for the invitation and asked him to convey his greetings to Vladimir Putin and the Russian people.

Kim was meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov ahead of his crunch summit with Donald Trump in Singapore

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