Russia’s new list of deadly weapons including robot tank that carries nukes

Russia has released a list of new deadly weapons it will be getting this year, and it adds fuel to the fire that it is preparing itself for World War 3.

According to local reports, the country currently invading Ukraine will arm itself with hundreds of new weapons – many of which have never been seen in combat before.

And its aerospace force will be getting 257 new military aircraft, too.

One of the most powerful new systems president Vladimir Putin will have at his disposal is the RS-28 Sarmat strategic missile system.

The huge missile can travel around 11,000 miles, at a speed of 15,880 miles per hour.

It will be able to carry a payload of around 10 tonnes, or 10 to 15 heavy warheads.

If this missile were to be launched on the UK – even as fears over a nuclear war rise it is unlikely – and land on Downing Street, it would essentially wipe out the entity of central London, with the effects being felt as far as Oxford.

The system will also have a special programme installed that, should anyone attempt to take a first strike initiative on it, the weapon will fire itself automatically at pre-loaded targets.

During the invasion of Ukraine, a no-fly zone has been called for on many occasions.

But should aircraft decide to be used against Russia, then they have one system coming to their units designed to protect them from all low flying aircraft day and night.

The VSHORAD Gibka-S is going to be in service in just a few weeks,

Lieutenant-General Alexander Leonov, the head of Russia's military air defense has claimed that the weapons will “allow the military to maintain round-the-clock duty and control fire in real time”.

According to local reports, it will strike aircraft, helicopters, drones, and cruise missiles.

One weapons system that will strike fear in the hearts of, well, everyone, is a new unmanned robotic combat vehicle known as the Uran-9.

It was first used by Russia during the Syrian Civil War in 2019 but could be used by Russia in future combat in Europe, it's reported.

Its main weapon is a large autocannon, capable of wiping out any target within close range – which can be equipped with nuclear-tipped payloads.

It will also carry four anti-tank missiles and 12 thermobaric rocket launchers – an increase of six since it was last used two years ago.

The tank can be controlled from a central location miles away, and Russia is believed to have built 20 of the devices.

And the Russian forces will also be getting an upgraded version of the Tupolev Tu-160M aircraft.

First introduced in 1981, and modernized a few years ago, it is one of the most powerful supersonic strategic heavy bombers known to man.

It will carry six powerful cruise missiles and 12 short-range nuclear missiles with the capability of taking out any target at speed should it choose to do so.

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