Russia’s nuclear threat dismissed by Ukraine MP: ‘Overstated’

Ukraine: Kherson protesters march towards Russian soldiers

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There are fears in the West Russian forces could use non-conventional weapons in Ukraine. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Defence said in a tweet Russia had used thermobaric rockets in Ukraine. These rockets are also known as vacuum bombs because they suck in oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a high-temperature explosion. As reported by Sky News, one official said: “I think we’ve got good reason to be concerned about possible use of non-conventional weapons, partly because of what we’ve seen has happened in other theatres.

“As I’ve mentioned before, for example, what we’ve seen in Syria, partly because we’ve seen a bit of setting the scene for that in the false flag claims that are coming out, and other indications as well.

“So it’s a serious concern for us.”

There has also been concern in recent weeks that Russia could threaten its enemies with nuclear weapons if NATO allies become too involved in the conflict.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he doesn’t want to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine to avoid escalation towards a conflict between nuclear powers.

But Inna Sovsun, a Ukrainian MP told Russia’s military threat has been “overstated”.

Ms Sovsun adds that this provides even more reason for NATO to intervene.

Urging the West to step in and provide more military support, she said: “Ukraine’s army has been kicking their a***, the Russian army is not as strong as it is meant to be, they are badly equipped, their morale is bad.

“It is not actually that strong an army – and compared to NATO’s armies, I don’t think Russia can stand in that fight.

“I know there is this nuclear threat everyone is mentioning, but I think it is overstated.

“After all, there are some less crazy people in Putin’s surroundings who won’t let that happen. Some people in Russian intelligence are providing information to the West and to Ukraine.

“I believe these people will prevent the worst from happening.”

This sentiment has also been echoed by Conservative MP Damian Green, who spoke to about Putin’s invasion.

Asked if he is concerned about the UK and Russia being in direct conflict, the MP replied: “I’m obviously worried, we have already seen that Russia will start a war. It has started a war in Ukraine.

“What Putin is saying about nuclear weapons is for show I think, he will know that NATO has three times the nuclear firepower of Russia. So that’s an empty threat in terms of anything he might do to a NATO member.

“It’s a reminder of why we need the nuclear deterrent, it kept us safe through the Cold War, and it feels like we might be going back into that kind of era.”

Mr Green also branded Putin’s invasion “the most appalling act in Europe anyone has committed for decades”.


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He added: “It is clearly an attempt to reverse the massive increase in democracy that has taken place in Eastern Europe since the West won the Cold War.

“Tens of millions of people in Eastern Europe are now free in a way they weren’t after the Second World War and the Soviet takeover, and that’s one of the reasons we are supporting the people of the Ukraine.”

In late February, Putin signalled he was willing to use his nuclear arsenal.

He ordered his military to put Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces on high alert.

The US accused Putin of “totally unacceptable” escalation and made clear that it would keep up its support of Ukraine and punitive measures on Russia.

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