S2K Wya death: Girlfriend of Instagram star who killed himself on livestream was found naked in street with broken ribs

THE girlfriend of Instagram star S2K Wya who shot himself dead on a livestream last week was reportedly found naked in the street with broken ribs by her neighbors.

Angel Hernandez Grado, 28, died last Tuesday night after a lengthy police chase was sparked following reports he had held his girlfriend captive and abused her over two days.

The 25-year-old woman, with whom he has a son, was allegedly found naked in the street with two broken ribs, a swollen face, and bruises all over her body, The Union-Tribune reports.

She claimed Grado had kept her tied up in his apartment for 48 hours while he sexually assaulted her, strangled her, and hit her in the head with an ax, local police lieutenant Carmelin Rivera said.

Grado also threatened to buy a gun and kill her if she attempted to call police.

She finally managed to escape when her boyfriend left the house and ran to her neighbors' house, where the police were called on Tuesday night at around 8pm.

After police spotted Grado's white BMW X5 on Interstate 15 at 1.30am on Wednesday, a car chase began that would last for over five hours.

After the SDPD and California Highway Patrol stopped Grado's vehicle with spike strips near a local state beach, authorities attempted to negotiate for an hour with the suspect, who said over the phone that he was armed.

Finally, after closing off multiple sections of highway, police were able to corral Grado using armored vehicles.

Grado live streamed his final moments in an expletive-filled video before he shot himself later that night, ending a police chase that lasted for over five hours.

"I love my boy. I tried my hardest but I f**ked up," he said in his last video.

“I am now weak. I just f***ing hate my life, bro. I’m just tired of this f***ing life, f*** the police.

"They got all my tires but f*** the law. I’m above the law," he continued, referring to a spike strip that police used to puncture his tires during the chase.

"I’d rather f***ing die than do another stay in jail."

Grado shot himself in the head and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

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