SAS troops nearly killed after ISIS fighters booby-trap dead children’s bodies

Brit soldiers had a lucky escape after sick ISIS fighters booby-trapped the dead bodies of children with grenades in a twisted attempted to slaughter our troops.

A small group of crack troops from the SAS unit had been travelling towards Syria's border with Iraq when they spotted two children lying on the roadside.

Fearing an ambush by soldiers of the twisted death cult, the elite troops called for assistance in order to set up security positions to defend themselves against an attack.

Four Brit soldiers then approached the bodies, thought to be brother and sister carrying medicals.

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They were then stunned to find that the children were, in fact, dead and had been fitted with 14 lethal grenades, the Daily Mirror reported.

The grenades had been fitted with wires attached to the corpses and buried in the ground.

Following the horror find, the troops then scoured the remainder of the road for landmines and explosives but luckily didn't find any.

Whenever the task had been completed, soldiers dug graves and buried the children in a mark of respect.

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A source said: “They were heading towards Iraq when we saw the kids, you see lots of bodies but kids are different and we thought they might be alive and couldn’t just drive past.

“They know IS used bodies to hide IEDs and carefully checked to see if they were alive, quickly spotting more than a dozen grenades hooked up to them – sadly they were both dead.

“It is thought they were brother and sister. They couldn’t leave them lying there, so cleared the threat, buried them together and said a quick prayer, it wasn’t much but they could in difficult circumstances.”

In March this year commanders of the volunteer-led Syrian Democratic Forces declared that brutal killing cult ISIS had been defeated.

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Despite the ground war victory, experts have warned that thousands of dead ISIS sleeper cells could be preparing for a fresh wave of attacks.

Mervan Kamishlo, a Syrian Democratic Forces commander who helped beat the terror group, said: “There still thousands of sleepers here. When we succeeded militarily they disappeared."

When asked if the cells could attack Britain, he added: "Absolutely 100% they could – they are alive and they have a command structure.

“They still think they are a state. Their sleeper network is a mafia. They will come back."

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