Saskatoon boy’s stolen wheelchair found

A stolen wheelchair belonging to a Saskatoon boy with cerebral palsy has been found.

In November, someone stole the chair from 10-year-old Henry Craig Van Vliet’s family’s vehicle that was parked in the 300-block of 25th Street in the Caswell Hill neighbourhood.


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A post on social media by Saskatoon police explaining the situation was shared thousands of times.

The Saskatoon Police Service confirmed Thursday that a homeowner on Avenue G North recognized the stolen chair abandoned near her property.

“Whoever took it must’ve seen a lot of the coverage and developed a conscience and decided to just leave it where it could be found,” Henry’s mother Alexis Craig said.

Before the discovery, SaskAbilities provided Henry’s family with a new wheelchair. The process typically takes up to six weeks, but the replacement came in a matter of days.

Henry’s mom said she plans to talk to SaskAbilities and see which chair the charity would like returned.

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