Scaramucci suggests Kelly doesn’t like Trump

Anthony Scaramucci, who briefly held the position of White House communications director, suggested Sunday that the problem with Chief of Staff John Kelly is that he doesn’t personally like President Trump.

“He doesn’t come across that he does,” Scaramucci said to NBC’s Chuck Todd during an interview Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

“The Mooch” told Todd that he thought Trump should retain a chief of staff for management of the White House.

“But he needs a chief of staff that really likes him and gets his personality,” Scaramucci added.

To that, Todd asked, “You don’t think John Kelly likes the president?”

“Do you?” Scaramucci responded.

Scaramucci, who was fired by Kelly, has been a critic of the chief of staff, calling out Kelly’s “personal insecurity” in his new book, “Trump: The Blue-Collar President,” which he says clashes with the “self-confident, gregarious president.”

On “Meet the Press” he said he believed that Kelly was talking smack behind Trump’s back.

In Bob Woodward’s book, Kelly is quoted calling Trump “unhinged” and “an idiot.”

“I don’t like John Kelly calling the president the things that he calls him, I think it’s wrong,” Scaramucci said.

“He hurt the morale inside the place and he’s hurt the president,” Scaramucci continued. “And he has hissy fits.”

The former communications director, who left the White House after just 11 days, pointed to a Bloomberg report that said Kelly and national security adviser John Bolton had gotten into a screaming match just steps away from the Oval Office.

“That’s his personality,” he said in reference to the tiff. “The good news is, I’m being vindicated by that. Because he’s demonstrating his personality. The way he really is.”

It was also apparent that Scaramucci still carried a grudge against Kelly for his pushing him out of the White House.

“He didn’t need to fire me the way he fired me,” the ex-aide said.

He pointed to all the money he had donated to and raised for Trump’s campaign, suggesting it had earned him respect.

“There was a better way to fire me, but he was trying to make a spectacle out of it. And so he got the spectacle that he wanted,” Scaramucci said.

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