Schneiderman’s daughter was engaged to an alleged abuser

The daughter of accused woman-beating state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was dating a man who has been collared twice for assaulting his girlfriends.

Catherine Schneiderman, 25, was engaged to Australian actor-director Matthew Newton, 41, two years ago, and the pair only recently broke up — although they were spotted getting cozy together again in Manhattan last month, the Daily Mail reported.

Newton’s troubled past includes two busts for domestic violence.

While his former girlfriend’s father, AG Schneiderman, has not been arrested, he was accused in an explosive report published Monday of also assaulting his lovers, allegedly hitting and choking them.

Newton, the son of famous Aussie TV hosts Bert and Patti Newton, was first arrested in 2006 for slugging then-girlfriend Brooke Satchwell as she begged him to stop, reported.

Matthew Newton was convicted and treated for severe depression by a psychiatrist, who said his disorder was “full-blown” when he attacked — but eventually decided he wasn’t likely to abuse women again.

His conviction was tossed a year later on appeal.

Four years later, Newton was arrested again for two “violent and unprovoked” attacks on his former fiancée and “Transformers” star Rachael Taylor, who suffered injuries consistent with having her head “bashed against the floor and walls,” the Mail said.

Taylor opened up about their turbulent relationship in a 2014 essay in Australian Women’s Weekly.

“I don’t think any woman thinks that they will become an addition to these statistics,” she wrote. “I didn’t. I thought I was exempt. I thought I was the exception to the rule. I was not. I am a survivor of domestic violence.”

Newton later admitted during an interview that he had been “a walking time bomb” during his relationship with Taylor.

“Harming anyone is horrible. It’s intolerable to harm a woman. It’s intolerable to harm your best friend, several of your best friends, and it’s intolerable to harm yourself, and I’ve done all of those things, and I utterly regret it,’’ he told TV’s “A Current Affair’’ in 2011.

Newton was arrested again twice in Miami a year later.

One of the incidents involved him resisting arrest for drunkenly not leaving a bar and the other for attacking a hotel receptionist, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The paper said Newton suffers from bipolar disorder and received alcohol and drug treatment at the Betty Ford Center in California.

Catherine Schneiderman declined comment to The Post on Tuesday.

Records show she lives with her mother, Jennifer Cunningham, who is divorced from Eric Schneiderman, on the Upper West Side.

Newton’s reps did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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