Schoolboy ‘is banned from sitting GCSE exam after turning up in wrong trousers’

A teenager claims he missed sitting a GCSE exam because he wasn’t wearing the correct school uniform.

Jack Page, 16, turned up at West Park School, in Spondon, Derbyshire, to take his chemistry exam – but claimed he was ushered out of the room when he was spotted wearing jeans and trainers.

The teenager claims the deputy head teacher told him he would either have to change into a school-owned pair of trousers or go home and change.

But Jack also claims he had already sat other exams in the previous three days wearing the same style of clothes when teachers had not said anything.

Jack, who lives in Borrowash, said: "I was set to take my chemistry exam and I went in black jeans.

"I went on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and no one said anything about it. Even the head teacher was there and he didn’t say anything. But on the Thursday the deputy head said that I couldn’t wear them.

"I walked into the exam room and he pointed at me and ushered me out. He told me I had to wear school trousers or go home and get changed, but I don’t know who’s worn the school ones before so I wasn’t going to wear them.

"I tried telling him that my trousers at home didn’t fit me and that I couldn’t wear them but he still told me to go.

"I’m annoyed because I’m going to fail science now. I don’t want to go into an exam hall again."

Mum Louise Heffernan said that the journey home and back again was too far for Jack to complete before his exam started.

She said: "Jack was in school at around 8.45am as the exam was set to start at 9am.

"He’s got a moped but to get from Spondon to Borrowash is around a seven- or eight-minute drive.

"The teacher must have known that if he went home he would miss the exam."

Ms Heffernan said in March Jack was put on study leave because of a disagreement with a teacher and that he no longer attends the school full-time.

She said that for this reason she has not been buying her son school uniform and that he had outgrown his old one, which is why he’d worn jeans for his exams.

She has now paid out £15 for a new pair of trousers so that Jack doesn’t miss out on any more exams.

She said: "They weren’t expensive, only £15, but it was more the principle about it that annoyed me than the cost of the new trousers.

"I think what angered me most was that the teacher said that he would allow him to wear the trainers he was wearing.

"If the trainers were okay, then why weren’t the trousers?"

The school has been approached for comment.

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