Schools axe traditional clocks for digital ones — as pupils are STRUGGLING to tell the time

A teacher told a conference it was happening because A-level and GCSE pupils complained they could not read clock faces in exam halls.

She told delegates: “It’s amazing the number of students I come across in Year 10, 11 and sixth form who do not know how to tell the time.

“They do not necessarily have analogue watches any more and they have mobile phones with the time on.”

Her disclosure at last month’s Partners in Excellence conference in London was backed up other teachers.

Nicola Towle tweeted: “Our school has replaced the analogue clock with a digital one for exams because pupils couldn’t use it to tell the time.”

Cheryl Quine added: “We discovered this a few years ago when some couldn’t read the exam room clock.”

Tory MP Rob Halfon, who chairs the Commons Education Committee, said: “‘This should be an alarm call.

“All children should learn to tell the time traditionally. It’s incredibly important.

“It teaches them numbers, order and how the world works.”

Pupils are taught at age five how to tell the time on an analogue clock and how to draw the hands on a clock face at the hour and half-hour points.

But experts say many lose the skill because there are so few traditional clocks in the home.

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