Scorned wife ‘cut off lover’s penis after he contacted other women’

A married mistress has been arrested on suspicion of cutting off her lover’s penis – after she discovered he had allegedly been flirting with other women.

Kamla Patra, 24, lured Rajendra Nayak to her home and, in a jealous rage, she and a friend are said to have butchered his manhood.

Nayak was rushed to hospital after horrified neighbours in Keonjhar, India, rang emergency services.

He claims he was involved in an affair with the married woman and she became jealous when she learned he was talking to other women on the phone.

"They were also trying to kill me because they throttled me too. Somehow, I dragged myself away from the house and was seen by neighbours who immediately called the emergency services," the victim said.

It’s unclear if the man’s penis has been reattached and, if so, he has regained full sensation.

According to Nayak, Patra invited him to her home to give him 10,000 INR (£107) for a bike she wanted to buy.

But police in Keonjhar, India, claim Patra "Bobbittised" her lover, in reference to John Wayne Bobbitt who famously had his private parts cut off by his wife in 1993.

Lorena Bobbitt cut off her spouse’s penis with a kitchen knife as he slept.

Lorena threw the appendage in a field in Manassas, Virginia, but it was found after an exhaustive search and reattached in surgery.

However it never regained full sensation.

The couple divorced less than two years later.

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