‘Scotland would be safe from Russian UK nuke strike,’ says angry Kremlin TV host

Scotland could be the safest place to live if Russia launched a nuclear attack on the UK.

The strange claim was given by Russian TV host Vladimir Solovyov, who slammed the UK Government for supporting Ukraine.

He claimed that should President Vladimir Putin decide to attack the UK with nukes, it would “spare” Scotland – although it was not made clear why.

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During a rant on Russian television last night, he targeted Britain's Armed Forces chief Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, and said: “Admiral Tony Radakin…what are you the admiral of?

“What did you achieve?

“When did your British weapons beat anyone?

"Who did you beat, and where, Admiral?

“They have completely lost their minds, and they are lecturing us, the country we can destroy with one Sarmat.

“We won't touch Scotland. Scotland will be independent – Wales has been quiet so far (and Wales, too, will be independent.”

Continuing his strange predictions about the future of Great Britain and the Union Jack, he said that “at Biden's demand” Northern Ireland will unite with Ireland and that the Union Jack will be “over”.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which began in February, has stalled in recent months despite its continued bombardment of civilian areas.

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Leaders have been enraged by the UK's support of Ukraine, and specifically how many defensive weapons outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson has supplied the country during the invasion.

Putin has threatened the UK with nuclear strikes on several occasions, but senior officials have often been quick to deny the claims, for fear of having to go into full-scale war mode – which its failing and heavily depleted army would be unable to handle.

As of yesterday, Russia has so far lost around 36,200 troops – averaging around 300 troop loses every day at the hands of the Ukrainian resistance.

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