'Selfish' mum Louise Porton, 23, should face DEATH PENALTY for killing daughters 'who got in way of sex work', cousin says

A VILE mum who murdered her two daughters because they got in the way of her sex life should face the death penalty, her cousin says.

Sick Louise Porton, 23, was last week caged for life after she suffocated Lexi Draper, three, in January last year before killing 16-month-old Scarlett Vaughan two weeks later.

But the aspiring model could be out in 36 years – with her cousin now leading calls for Porton to receive the death penalty.

The relative, who hasn't been named, told the Mirror: "It's a shame we don't have the death penalty in this country.

"If you're going to take an innocent person's life, you should be prepared to give your life as well, and she's taken two.

"She'll have a TV, she'll be given food, and she shouldn't have that. What do those poor girls get?

"If she comes out she's only going to be in her 50s. It should be a life for a life."


Porton was convicted of murder on Thursday after "squeezing the life" out of each of her daughters in a "calculated decision".

The escort offered to perform sex acts on a client while one child lay dying in hospital and joked "I had two, now down to one" before the death of the second.

She attempted to keep up the "charade" her daughters had simply fallen ill in chilling 999 calls – despite medics finding them "freezing" and "dead for some time".

Haunting CCTV of their final moments also showed both girls "chatty, alert and happy” before being murdered by their own mum.

Her cousin has revealed "selfish" Porton was "never a normal child" and alienated herself from her family after snubbing her gran's funeral.

She also said the monster would often lash out at her relatives, adding: "She was violent, she would try and hurt us without people seeing."


During the trial, jurors heard how Porton killed her children because they "got in the way of doing what she wanted, when she wanted and with who she wanted."

The mum spent hours every day chatting to men on dating apps MeetMe and Badoo and palmed her kids off on relatives so she could hook up with clients for just £30.

Her cousin has now revealed she showed early signs of the sex addiction that would ultimately cost her children her life.

She said: "Once she started sleeping with people, she was sleeping with anyone and everyone, anyone showing her attention, especially if they had money."

Jurors heard how Porton told one customer how “they can have sex despite being in a shared room with both children present if they’re quiet”.

On one occasion, the mum claimed she had sex in a van with man called "simple Simon" as her young kids slept.

The aspiring model worked under the name "Lollypop" on website PurplePort where she specialised in erotic, cosplay and glamour work.

Boasting she was "open to all types of photoshoots", Porton wore fetish gear and skimpy sailor outfits as she posed for risqué snaps.


Jurors heard Porton had taken Lexi to hospital after she previously suffered a seizure and sent a client saucy snaps while the stricken youngster lay in bed receiving treatment.

She also exchanged a series of messages with a hospital security guard she met during Lexi's stay and agreed to meet a photographer to perform sex acts on him.

Asked why, she simply said: "Because I hadn't been paid at the time from Universal Credit."

Haunting CCTV tells story of final moments

SEPARATE videos played to jurors showed both girls in their final moments after Porton murdered them.

In one taken on January 14, little Lexi can be seen running through a door with her sister as the family made their way home.

Just hours later, her mum suffocated her before making a 999 call claiming her daughter was still alive.

In fact, Lexi was "pale and mottled and her lips were blue" with rigor mortis already setting in – proving she had been dead "for some time".

A second CCTV clip shows brazen Porton driving around and filling up her car as Scarlett lay dying in the back seat.

Again, Porton went through the 'charade' of pretending her daughter was alive in a call to 111 – despite the tot already 'freezing' when medics arrived.

On the day before Lexi died, Porton messaged a man telling him: "Im just really havin a tuff time with my 3-year old being ill from that deadly flu doctors tellin me she gonna die x [sic]".

Porton had also carried out chilling internet searches on her phone two hours before little Lexi died – including how long it took a body to "go cold up to the shoulder".

Another read "Is it true you s*** yourself when you die?", while one asked: "For how long after drowning can someone be resuscitated?"


Lexi was pronounced dead by paramedics after Porton dialled 999 at 12.50am on January 15.

Her skin was "pale and mottled and her lips were blue" with rigor mortis already setting in – proving she had been dead "for some time".

Scarlett was also dead when Porton went through the "charade" of calling emergency crews to claim she was "asleep" –  with blood later found on a pillow.

Both died from deliberate airway obstruction – with neither youngster having any prior medical issues.

Porton remained "calm and emotionless" after the deaths and was overheard laughing at a funeral parlour as she arranged Lexi's burial two days before killing Scarlett.

She also "yawned" when asked what she wanted to do with their belongings and acted like "someone who had lost their goldfish".


But Porton repeatedly denied having anything to do with their deaths – telling cops: "Why would I kill my own kids?"

She added: "My children were never an inconvenience to me and I accommodated my lifestyle and personal life around them.

"It is correct that life as a single mother was financially difficult, but I never asked anyone for money and any suggestion that I used my daughter’s ill health or death to make any money is wholly inaccurate and wrong."

But former landlord Leigh-Anne Bradley painted a different picture of a mum who palmed her kids off at every opportunity.

She also said Porton would sometimes get frustrated and swore at her children on the "rare" times she looked after them herself.

Ms Bradley added: "They would cry and not always do what she asked them to do. She would tell them to shut the f*** up or she would give them something to cry for.”

Sentencing Porton last week, Mrs Justice Yip said: "One way or another you squeezed the life out of each of your daughters, only calling emergency services when you knew they were dead.

“I’m sure that at the time of their deaths you intended to kill each of your daughters.

“Why you did so, only you know.

“Those who loved Lexi and Scarlett have been left bewildered as to how and why you could have done something so evil.

"Your actions have devastated so many lives.

“Lexi and Scarlett were described by one witness as 'golden' and had so much to offer to their wider families. But you took all that away.”

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