Sen. Marsha Blackburn says Democrats are trying to ‘cancel’ law enforcement at RNC

Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn accused Democrats of trying to “cancel” the nation’s law enforcement and armed services during her 2020 Republican National Convention speech on Wednesday evening.

The GOP lawmaker railed against the “defund the police” movement on the conventions’ third night — themed “Nation of Heroes” amid a historic reckoning on race and law enforcement in the United States.

“Leftists try to turn them into villains. They try to ‘cancel’ them. But I’m here to tell you that these heroes can’t be canceled,” Blackburn said, noting her own father’s service in WWII.

“I’m reminded of him whenever I see compassion and selflessness in others — when I see law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every single day to keep our communities safe, in spite of the hatred thrown at them.”

Blackburn, 68, was elected to the US Senate last year after scoring a major endorsement from Trump who held a rally in Nashville to boost the then-Tennessee congresswoman.

Her remarks come at the Democratic Party wrestles with whether to support taking money away from police departments across the country.

“As hard as Democrats try, they can’t cancel our heroes. They can’t contest their bravery, and they can’t dismiss the powerful sense of service that lives deep in their souls,” she continued.

“So they tried to defund them, our military, our police, even ICE, to take away their tools to keep us safe.”

“Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and their radical allies try to destroy these heroes, because if there are no heroes to inspire us, government can control us,” she claimed.

Taylor Swift infamously called Blackburn “Trump in a wig” in her documentary “Miss Americana” released earlier this year and was seen crying in one scene over Blackburn’s lead in the Senate race in her southern home state.

Someone who describes herself as a “hardcore, card-carrying Tennessee conservative,” Blackburn has voted in favor of banning abortion and funding for Planned Parenthood and has emerged as a major China hawk alongside GOP Sen. Tom Cotton.

At the height of the coronavirus crisis in March, Blackburn urged the US to end its over-reliance on “madmen in Beijing” for crucial pharmaceutical drugs and called for an increase in domestic production of drugs like antibiotics.

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