Serial killer Joanna Dennehy ‘furious’ at transfer over prison love letters

Notorious serial killer Joanna Dennehy has been transferred to a harsh new jail over 300 miles from the comparatively comfortable HMP Bronzefield – after allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a prison officer.

Dennehy, who killed three men in a murder spree across Cambridgeshire in 2013, has been transferred to high-security HMP Low Newton, near Brasside, County Durham.

The killer is one of only three women in the UK to have been handed a whole life jail term for her crimes. In June, she sparked a major police investigation after allegedly embarking on a relationship with a male prison officer.

A number of “fairly graphic” love letters from Dennehy were found in the senior officer’s home during a search sparked by the man’s relationship with another prisoner at Bronzefield jail. The prison officer is now understood to be suspended from duties and Dennehy was moved to a more secure jail.

A source told The Sun that Dennehy is very unhappy about the move : “It’s a real step down from Bronzefield, where she was settled. Low Newton is miles from her family and what she knows. She’s furious.”

Dennehy had previously struck up relationships with a number of female inmates:

In 2018 she filed a request to marry her then-cellmate Hayley Palmer despite opposition from Palmer’s family who feared that Dennehy might harm her.

Despite being granted permission to wed by prison authorities, later that same year the couple were involved in an apparent suicide pact: “When the guards found them they were entwined on the floor, which was covered in blood,” revealed a source at the time.

The two were separated for their own good by prison bosses.

However by May of this year Dennehy was again seeing Palmer, who has now completed her sixteen-year sentence for robbery, and the pair were apparently once more planning to marry.

But then came the flirtation with the male prison officer. Sources say the senior male prison officer had “taken his life into his hands” by not immediately reporting the situation with Dennehy to his superiors.

They added: “The officer fancies himself and is very cocksure.

“He was quite senior, so could move around various wings, including the one where Dennehy is housed.”

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