Seven-months pregnant mum found dead with her womb cut out after sick ‘ritual’

A young mother who was pregnant with her fourth child has been found murdered and horribly mutilated in what police say could be a “ritual sacrifice”.

The half-naked body of 24-year-old Ohana Karolin was found in Portal dos Lagos in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo on Wednesday (September 21). Ohana’s genitals had been mutilated and her stomach and womb were sliced open, according to the authorities.

She was seven months pregnant at the time of her death. There is no official word on the status of her unborn child.

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Ohana’s body was clad in just a t-shirt when she was found, with the rest of her bloodied clothing and a small mount of money scattered nearby.

The site where the mother-of-three was discovered, at the centre of a group of churches of various denominations, has strengthened the theory that her death may be the result of what police have described as a “macabre ritual”.

The small wooded area has frequently been used for open-air prayer services and religious vigils.

The dead woman’s ex-husband, who is the father of her three kids, was called in by police to identify her body.

Ohana’s new boyfriend has been interviewed in connection with the horrific incident, but as yet police have no suspects.

A friend of the victim’s told local news outlet UOL that Ohana had been running with what she described as a “tough gang”.

“I even moved away from her a little bit because of that,” the friend added. “But I don’t know what happened. She was really nice.”

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Another friend claimed she had seen Ohana inside a black car around midnight on the day of the crime.

Other witnesses confirmed seeing what appeared to be the same vehicle near the crime scene at around 3am the same day.

Police are currently awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine they type of weapon used in the sick killing.


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