Several missing after devastating avalanche as hundreds of homes evacuated

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Several people are missing and hundreds have been evacuated after a devastating avalanche in Norway.

Homes have been emptied as emergency services scramble to the scene in Gjerdrum, the local mayor said.

Police have described the scene as a "disaster" as hundreds of families have been rehoused in the town hall.

So far local reports suggest that nine people have been injured and one more seriously hurt following the landslide, which took place in the early hours of this morning.

Mayor Anders Østensen said: “We must know if everyone has been evacuated. We must ensure that they have been taken care of. We have received many, and there is a big difference in how affected they are.

"Some were rescued by helicopter, others were notified at their doorstep.

“We are considering whether we need to expand the area that needs to be evacuated.

“When daylight comes, we will get a better overview.”

Operations manager Roger Patterson said at a police briefing this morning: “It is serious when we categorise an event as a disaster.

“It is dark, and the working conditions have been difficult.”

It is not yet known whether the disaster has resulted in any fatalities. Officials suggested this morning that so far, no bodies have been found.

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