Severely disabled girl, 19, with a mental age of two fined £100 by the NHS after 'wrongly claiming free dental check-up'

Aimee Morrow, 19, was warned she would be slapped with an extra £50 surcharge if she resisted the fine – even though she was entitled to one as she needs round-the-clock care.

Her case is among 1.4m that are now under investigation by the National Audit Office amid claims that thousands of vulnerable patients

Dad John, 62, said: "The whole thing was an absolute farce. I told them I was not going to pay it and they can take us to court.

"I am just appalled by the levels of incompetence."

Aimee was slapped with the fine within days of having her check-up.

The debt – which included the £20.60 test fee – was soon handed to a collection agency.

The NHS withdrew the fine after he asked his daughter's special needs school for help.

It comes after the Department for Health and Socail Care admitted that it raked in £13.8m from dental treatment and £23.8m from prescriptions.

The NHS charges penalties for incorrectly claiming free treatment or prescriptions.

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