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WOMEN threw themselves at him, he never had to buy a drink and he was earning a fortune as a lookalike from The Hangover.

Thaddeus Kalinoski had all this and more for five years in Las Vegas — but it took such a toll he had to give up, saying: “Every day felt like going into war.”

Surprise box office hit The Hangover launched the careers of Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis ten years ago and triggered a new era of stag and hen parties in Sin City.

And the movie also changed the life of Thaddeus, a doppelgänger for Zach’s character Alan Garner.

Hellraising with strangers, hanging out with stars like ex-boxer Mike Tyson and Kiss rocker Gene Simmons, bedding holidaymakers and going on drug-soaked sprees became the norm for Thaddeus — who is now establishing himself as an actor.

He explains: “I lived a rock star life 24/7.

“It took my body at least a year to recover and I feel like only in the past six months has the mental stress subsided. I occasionally suffer emotional and stressful flashbacks.”


After his first marriage crumbled, the former catering manager headed to Las Vegas in 2012 and grew a beard.

When strangers kept saying he looked like Zach he eyed an opportunity and — with a doll and a baby carrier — started charging tourists £5 for selfies.

Soon he was getting £2,000 to join stag parties.

Thaddeus, 42, says: “Some nights I drank what some people drink in a month.

“When there are lines of cocaine there it is impossible to explain the amount of peer pressure to keep the party alive.

“There were times when people handed me things to smoke. I always thought it was weed but it could have been crack or crystal meth. I lost hours. One time I started throwing beer bottles. Another, I puked and defecated all over my costume and passed out in a bush.

“These people had their two or three hours acting like we were in The Hangover but they had time to recover the next day. For me, it was another day of work and on to the next one.”


He became a “trophy” for boozing hen party women. Thaddeus confesses: “Random girls would, put their hands down my pants and grope my privates. The weirdest experience was a woman, who just had a baby, pulling out her breast and spraying milk over me.

“Every day I was being openly fondled and groped. I don’t think there is a part of my body which has not been bitten or licked.

“Women would jump on me almost nightly. I can’t tell you how many boobs I saw. I wasn’t looking for one-night stands, but with drinking and partying I would wake up with a naked girl.”

He adds: “A Danish girl was so obsessed she bought me a £30,000 Cartier diamond ring then a £1,600 bottle of wine — and all she wanted me to do was go to bed as Alan.”

He even acted as a body double for Zach in The Hangover 3 and became pals with Bradley Cooper, who played hunky Phil Wenneck.

But in 2017 he feared his lifestyle would kill him so returned to the catering industry in his native Philadelphia and remarried.

He still works as a Zach lookalike at corporate events and is building his acting career, with a role in upcoming movie Concrete Cowboy starring Idris Elba.

He says: “As bad as it got, being Alan Garner changed my life for the better.”

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