Sex robot customers demand ‘angel’ model with wings and groundbreaking AI

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Sex robot customers are keen for a company to design an angel model with artificial intelligence.

Earlier this week, US manufacturer RealDoll shared an image of a potential design.

The company, which produces some of the most realistic sex robots in the world, posted a picture of a female mannequin with wings and a halo.

Its Instagram followers were keen to snap it up, with one commenting: “We want the doll to move the whole body and have advanced AI.”

Another said: “Would love to see y'all show off more fantasy gals!”

A third added: “I’d like to see a collection and display of fantasy dolls. Angels, elves, devils, mermaids, etc. Let your imagination run with it!”

The firm collaborates with Abyss Creations and produces a range of different models.

Some of them are capable of carrying out conversations and have their own “personalities” which users can toggle with.

Earlier this month, ReaDoll celebrated the anniversary ofHollywoodhunk Ryan Gosling “dating” one of its dolls.

The company uploaded a picture of Gosling with one of its dolls, called Bianca, from the 2007 film Lars and the Real Girl.

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"This year, it'll be 14 years since one of our dolls made their debut on the silver screen!

"Who remembers seeing Bianca in Lars and the Real Girl #realdoll."

The film tells the story of socially reclusive Lars Lindstrom, who buys a sex doll, Bianca, from the adult website.

An expert also recently claimed that advanced sex robots could soon be "hard to distinguish from living, breathing, orgasming humans”.

Professor Rob Brooks said the "digital lovers" will be among three types of "artificial intimacy" provided by machines this century.

He wrote in theConversation: "Twenty-first century technologies such as robots, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) are creeping into every corner of our social and emotional lives — hacking how we form friendships, build intimacy, fall in love and get off.

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"At first mention of artificial intimacy, many people’s minds may jump straight to sex robots: lifelike robotic sex dolls that could one day walk among us, hard to distinguish from living, breathing, orgasming humans.

"But despite the many important questions sex robots raise, they mostly distract from the main game.

"They are 'digital lovers' which — alongside VR porn, AI-enhanced sex toys and cybersex enhanced with haptic and teledildonic devices — constitute just one of three types of artificial intimacy."

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