Shaman arrested for drugging women with meth water then abusing them

‘Shaman’ is arrested ‘for drugging women with meth-laced love water before sexually abusing them during rituals in Majorca’

  • ‘Shaman’ gave unsuspecting women the hallucinogenic cocktail during rituals
  • The gang ran ceremonies around Spain organising meet-ups via WhatsApp
  • Three women identified by police as potential victims and three people arrested
  • Marijuana, meth, peyote and psychedelic mushrooms thought to be used

A ‘shaman’ has been arrested in Majorca for giving women methamphetamine mixed with water before sexually abusing them.

The 52-year-old suspect was arrested on the Balearic holiday island and is alleged to have performed drug-fuelled rituals across Spain using what he called ‘love water’.

Investigators believe the suspect gave his alleged victims the water mixed with hallucinogenic drugs and sugar without them knowing what the concoction contained.

He initially offered the substance for free as part of ritualistic ceremonies to help customers have better love lives before then charging the women between €100 and €175.

Several of the man’s clients reported feeling unwell after these ‘meditation’ sessions and one reportedly suffered partial paralysis and was found to have traces of methamphetamine in their body, according to reports.

A ‘shaman’ has been arrested in Majorca for giving women methamphetamine mixed with water and sugar which he called ‘love water’ before sexually abusing them

The ‘shaman’ reportedly claimed to have learnt rituals and techniques in South America and offered to help people with their love lives.

At least three women told investigators that they had been touched in intimate areas by the man after having drunk his so-called ‘love water’.

He was arrested on Monday without bail for sexual abuse, participating in a criminal group and crimes against public health.

In a video released by Policia Nacional yesterday, the ‘shaman’ can be seen wearing handcuffs being bundled into the back of a car by officers.

A woman aged 43, thought to be the wife of the shaman, plus a man, 40, have also been arrested on suspicion of fraud, Spanish police said.

The 52-year-old suspect was arrested on the Spanish island of Majorca and is alleged to have performed drug-fuelled rituals across the country along with his wife and a second man

After the capture of the shaman the third member of the gang was apprehended yesterday nearly 600 miles away in Santander in the north of the Spanish mainland, where police found two of the victims.

The shaman is also suspected of carrying out sessions in the Spanish provinces of Alicante and Barcelona and investigators believe the suspect had moved around the whole of the country offering ‘meditation’ sessions.

Methamphetamine, also known as meth or crystal, is a potent stimulant of the central nervous system that is mainly smoked as a recreational drug.

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Its use has surged in recent years, especially in urban areas of the US, and was featured in hit TV series Breaking Bad.

Policia Nacional, tweeted yesterday alongside a video of the suspect being arrested: ‘Arrested in Majorca a ‘shaman’ for sexually abusing women who drugged previously.

‘He and his accomplices offered courses in meditation and spirituality throughout Spain to abuse their victims in ‘water ceremonies of Love’, water to which he added narcotics.’

The group started offering free courses and spiritual ceremonies targeting women around 45 years old ‘weaving a network of contacts throughout Spain’ by using WhatsApp groups, police said.

Spanish police say as many as seven women were targeted in the drug-fulled ceremonies

These so-called ‘love water liturgies’ involved meditation, relaxing music and drums in the style of ayahuascas rituals, which are designed to ‘purify the mind’ by taking a cocktail of hallucinogenic herbs.

The shaman would then offer the victims the water to ‘release love’, when it actually contained a narcotic that caused hallucinations, police claimed.

A spokesman for Policia Nacional said: ‘His real intention was to perpetrate crimes against sexual freedom.’

The ritual also included, ‘festivals where both the leader of the organisation and his accomplices distributed drugs to their victims’, police said.

Among the drugs included marijuana, powerful hallucinogenic DMT, the San Pedro cactus – also known as peyote – and psychedelic mushrooms, El Mundo reported.

Occasionally some of the attendees were drugged against their will because they did not know that the water was poisoned with amphetamines, police said.

Some victims suffered psychological problems, schizophrenic, respiratory problems, irregular heartbeat and emotional dependence to the drugs after the celebrations, it was claimed by police.

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