Shamima Begum COULD be a terror threat when she returns to UK, admits her OWN family's lawyer who says she was 'groomed'

JIHADI bride Shamima Begum could be a terror threat when she returns to the UK, her own family’s lawyer admitted today.

Tasnine Akunjee said “no one can be sure” if she could be a terror threat or groom others when she arrives back in Britain.

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: "No one can be sure, including her family, that that won't happen – but that is pure speculation."

Mr Akunjee also said she was "groomed" and "trafficked" at the age of 15.

The lawyer insisted she should return to the UK after she yesterday won a bombshell legal ruling to be allowed back to challenge her revoked British citizenship.

He added she cannot fairly fight for her British passport due to a “lack of technology” in the Syrian camp where she is living.


Mr Akunjee said: "From the very off the situation was clear from what we all saw back in 2015.

"She was a schoolgirl with a cohort of three other schoolgirls who all left from the same school at the age of 15 and 16 and went over under the noses of the security services in both the UK and Turkey and joined a terrorist organisation.

"That by definition was a groomed individual that was trafficked, by the very definition of it.

"And we know that because at the time the chief of the Metropolitan Police, Bernard Hogan-Howe, and the head of counter-terrorism, which was Mark Rowley, both said in open Parliament that these were girls who had gone over and that they would be treated as victims should they come back.

"So the evidence at the time, even by the police themselves, it was accepted what their status was."

No one can be sure including her family that that won't happen – but that is pure speculation

Macer Gifford, a former currency trader who travelled to Syria to fight against the Islamic State, said she must face trial in Syria or Iraq.

He told GMB: “I do not trust the British legal system to get this right.

“Just one in 10 jihadis who have come back to Britain find themselves in court.

“My fear is that Shamima Begum will come back to the UK and get a slap on the wrist and she'll be out within two years.

“Why can't they [ISIS members] stand trial in Syria and Iraq where they committed these crimes?”


It comes after Begum was pictured in her refugee camp after being told she can return – but “will face being arrested”.

The 20-year-old was filmed in Syria having ditched her Islamic dress and instead donning western clothes including jeans, a shirt and a blue hat.

She can be seen walking away from the camera as she refused to speak with ITV News, who approached her in Camp Roj in the northern part of the war-torn country.

Begum, then aged 15, was one of three Bethnal Green girls to leave Britain in 2015 to join ISIS.

Then-Home Secretary Sajid Javid stripped her of her citizenship on national security grounds last February after Times journalist Anthony Lloyd found her, nine months pregnant, in Syria.


She was seen shortly after wearing full black Islamic dress and burka in a refugee camp, her newborn baby having died.

Upon her return to Britain Begum is likely to be arrested and questioned, before facing trial on terror-related charges, reports the Mirror.

The bombshell ruling could now open the door for 150 'terrorists' – including other ISIS brides and fighters – to make similar audacious bids to return to Britain.

And her brother-in-law and electrician Mohammed Rahman said last night he is "stuck between a rock and a hard place".

He said: "She’s part of my extended family. I am not going to try and cause any rifts between me and my brother.

"I’m very uncomfortable with the whole situation. I’m in between a rock and a hard place. I have my own opinions. I don't want to offend anyone."

He added: "I’m not very close with my brother’s wife – I’ve met Shamima, but only at family functions. There’s a big age difference between me and her anyway. That’s it.

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"I have sympathy for her family. It’s a tough thing for a family to lose a child, but that's as far as I’ll go.

"I only found out she went to Syria on the news. I didn’t even know. They didn’t broach it with me. You take the hint."

Senior judges said yesterday that Begum, who left aged 15, should be allowed to return to the UK to challenge being denied her British citizenship.

It is a "bitter blow" for the government who revoked her citizenship last year – sparking an appeal which has cost taxpayers more than £30,000 so far.

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