Shamima Begum was ‘pals with ISIS slave master who oversaw rape and kidnap’

Infamous former ISIS member Shamima Begum was mates with an ISIS slave master who oversaw the kidnapping, enslavement and rape of girls as young as 14, a victim has claimed.

Former slave Dila, a fake name used to protect her identity, claimed that Begum was close to a German ISIS bride called “Um-Herrera” who was seen as a slave master for the terrorism group.

"I assumed they were close friends because of the way they talked to each other," Dila said of the terror-driven two.

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“Um-Herrera”, who was married to another German ISIS fighter, was well known by other people in their circles as one of the slavers who would sell Yazidi slaves.

The Yazidi population were subjected to genocide by ISIS when it invaded Iraq, having an estimated 15,000 of its population murdered or kidnapped.

Dila toldThe Sunthat she knew the slave master well as she was the one who held her 14-year-old sister who remains missing to this day, along with around 2,700 other Yazidi women and children.

She said that “Um Herrera” ran a slave house where Yazidi people would be taken before being sold by ISIS to their fighters for as little as £27.

While the slaves were often horrifically abused by male ISIS fighters, Dila said that their brides would treat them worse than men did.

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"They used to treat the slaves worse than their husbands," she said.

"They were treating the prisoners and slaves horribly. They are more guilty."

Dila said that Shamima’s rebrand as a well-adjusted woman was “fake”, adding: “Living with ISIS women and ISIS in general I understand how they think, how loyal they are to their Sharia ideas.

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"Even if they are not in ISIS – I don't think they have open mentality and those clothes are not representing them, I am certain.

"They are faking facts, women of ISIS will never change, they still believe in what they believe.

"Many of them still in the camps believe ISIS will rise again."


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