Shark filmed prowling seaside resort sends swimmers in mad dash to safety

This is the moment panicked swimmers made a mad dash to the shore after the shark alarm was blasted.

In a twist of bad luck, a shark menaced beach-goers having a dip near Fish Hoek beach in Cape Town, South Africa on the ominous date of Friday 13.

Video footage from the frenzy was taken by Aly Ison, who later shared it with a Facebook post.

She captioned it: “Friday 13th December [Fishhoek Beach].

“When the shark spotters alarm goes off and you actually see the shark.”

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A menacing shadow can be clearly seen stalking just below the surface of the shallow water.

In the clip, a siren can be heard ringing out while a man on the shore gestures wildly for swimmers to return to shore.

Paddleboarders can be seen making a tense journey back, trying to balance speed with not splashing and attracting the attention of the shark.

Shark Spotters said exclusion barriers could not be used at the time due to “fishing activity”, The South African reports.

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The conservation group later confirmed, via Twitter, that the shark spotted was a bronze whaler.

Bronze whalers, also known as the copper shark, can grow to a maximum length of 11ft (3.3m).

The fast-swimming species is not usually dangerous to humans but can become aggressive in the presence of food, according to experts.

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It is 10th on the list of shark species that make unprovoked attacks on humans, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History’s statistics for 2014.

Great white sharks, tiger, and bull sharks are known as the “Big Three” in the shark attack world.

This incident comes after the "world's biggest" shark was accidentally caught by fishermen off the coast of Croatia.

And a great white shark was filmed dislocating its jaw after a failed attack bid on an underwater cameraman.

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