Sharks chomp on dolphin in horror attack as feeding frenzy turns sea bloody

Beach-goers were warned to stay away from the water after a group of sharks were spotted pulling bits off a dead dolphin just off a public beach.

The shark sighting was at Torrey Pines State beach in San Diego , California in US and was alerted to park officials on Monday (May 29).

Video showed the apex predators thrashing at shallow water and taking bits off a dolphin.

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As the sharks encircle their prey and chomp on it, the animal struggles to escape and eventually is seen floating motionlessly off the coast.

The sharks eventually leave the animal and the dolphin washed up on the beach minutes later, with sizeable bite marks below its flippers.

Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve and State Beach shared the footage on Facebook to warn people of the shark attack.

They wrote: "Sharks were seen feeding on a dolphin at Torrey Pines State Beach today (May 29).

"The 9.5-foot long dead dolphin washed up on the beach a few minutes later.

"Shark sightings have increased dramatically at Torrey Pines in recent years and today's incident occurred at the same location as the bite in November, 2022.

"State lifeguards posted warning signs in the area."

They also told local media KNSD that there may be more similar occurrences as the month of June is the start of mating season for sharks.

Viewers commented on the shark attack and suggested more signs should put up by a hiking trail.

One wrote: "Juvenile sharks by the looks of the bites. Maybe the dolphin was sick or dying and they spotted it?

The pod would have never let this happen if it was well enough to swim and fight."

Another noted: "It's nature but still so sad to see. Sharks are more active in the area apparently due to the high sea lion population."

"Just because they were feeding on it doesn't mean they killed it. Sharks are amazing hunters but they also scavenge when the opportunity arises," a third added.


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