Shocked doctors find spoons, knife, and screwdrivers in man’s stomach

Shocked doctors examining a patient with stomach ache discovered seven spoons, a knife, toothbrushes and screwdrivers in his gut.

The hospital medics were left reeling after an x-ray revealed the stash of items.

Relatives in Mandi, India , rushed him to Lal Bahadur Shastri Government Medical College after he began complaining of severe pain.

In the procedure that followed, baffled doctors removed seven small steel spoons, two tooth brushes, two small screwdrivers, a knife and a small rod.

Grim photos of the objects showed them still covered in food from the man's belly.

Dr Suraj Bhardwaj told the Times of India : “We could clearly see tip of the knife peeping out of his body.

"When we operated on him, re recovered more things we had never seen but only read about in books.

"He is a known case of psychiatric disorder. Now he is stable."

Dr Bhardwaj said the full operation had taken four hours.

The unnamed patient is thought to suffer from the rare condition pica, which makes people want to eat bizarre objects.

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