Shocking moment a dozen bikini-clad women batter each other in mass brawl at San Francisco Pride Festival

Dramatic footage shows screaming women hit, bite and kick each other after a dispute that apparently began over the timing of singer Kehlani's performance.

A clip filmed by a passerby begins with five women pouncing on a sixth who is pinned to the ground.

Amid shrieks from those fighting and the crowd, a bikini-clad woman kicks another – and widespread carnage ensues.

The camera then pans across to show another group of women engaged in the violent brawl.

Bemused bystanders are shown gathering in a large group around the fighters as they struggle to stop them.

One woman is seen trying to dragĀ one of the participants back but is unable to hold her.

The tumbles seem to last at least several minutes as one woman climbs on top of another to continue her attack.

Towards the end of the video – since viewed nearly 700,000 times – two women pummel another's face as they pin her down on the ground.

Navdeep Thind, a student at Diablo Valley College, told Sfgate he was vlogging around 1pm on Sunday near where Kehlani was supposed to perform at Civic Center, when he noticed a crowd of people gathered around a group of women.

"It got kind of brutal," he said. "People were saying it was like some WWE stuff, and it really was. You saw some heads hitting the cement."

He added on Twitter: "I was just informed that they started fighting because someone asked if Kehlani was performing.

"The person in the fight replied in a very rude way, so it was funk on sight after that."

The San Francisco Police Department said no arrests were made and had no comment on the incident.

Nearly one million revellers and activists attended the celebration, one of the largest Pride festivals in the world.

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