‘Siamang GIBBON escapes from its enclosure and goes on the run’ 

Twycross Zoo ‘is put on lockdown after GIBBON escapes from its enclosure and goes on the run’

  • Visitors to Twycross Zoo were told of ‘health and safety emergency’ today 
  • Families reported that a gibbon was on the loose at the Leicestershire zoo
  • They were reportedly being held outside and prevented from entering site 

A major UK tourist attraction was on lockdown this morning after reports that a gibbon had escaped from its enclosure at a zoo.

Visitors at Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire were told to make their way to the restaurant at the entrance to the site shortly after 10am due to a ‘health and safety’ emergency.

It is believed a Siamang gibbon had escaped while families flocked to the popular attraction over the Bank Holiday weekend. 

The zoo tweeted this afternoon to reassure customers that ‘everything is fine’ and the gibbon is safe. 

Families huddled in the zoo amid reports that a gibbon had escaped from its Leicestershire enclosure today 

Reports online suggest a gibbon escaped from the zoo in Leicestershire (pictured, a white-cheeked gibbon at the site)

Twycross Zoo – which has the largest collection of monkeys and apes in the Western World – has not yet commented on the escapee.

But visitors took to social media to say they were being held outside and prevented from getting into the zoo.

Bradley Darkes tweeted: ‘An exciting visit already! I’ve only been here 15mins and an animal has escaped. Hope they are returned safe #twycrosszoo.’

Visitors were reportedly being kept outside the zoo (pictured) and prevented from entering amid claims of an escaped gibbon

Mat S wrote: ‘Currently at @TwycrossZoo and we are on lock down due an escaped siamang! I’m currently locked in the lorikeets enclosure #BankHolidayFun.’

He later added: ‘Got to say your staff were very professional and calm, well trained.’

Murray Williams said: ‘Just sitting in the car on the road outside @TwycrossZoo – heard announcement: an animal has escaped! Not sure how long before they let us in’

Twycross Zoo replied to one user: ‘Hi, we have a delay in opening today. Everything is in hand so sit tight and we will get you in as soon as we can. Team TZ.’



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